India Premier League (IPL) Agent Promotion | Babu88 India 🇮🇳


Get ready for the cricket season with BABU88 IPL promo! Agents can earn up to 50% total commission by simply encouraging your members to deposit BIG! This limited-time offer runs from 31.03.23 – 28.05.23, so don’t wait to take advantage of this exciting opportunity. 

What should you do?

  1. Get players to deposit 
  2. In order for agents to get the extra commission, they have to have a deposit of INR5,000 or more.
  3. The more deposit players make the more extra commission agents can get.

What do you get?

Total Commission up to 50%

5,000 to 49,9994%
50,000 to 99,9995%
100,000 to 499,9996%
500,000 to 999,9998%
1,000,000 and above10%

Terms and conditions

  1. For agents to receive the bonus, your total deposit must reach a minimum of INR5000
  2. Total deposit is accumulated deposit between 31st March 2023 – 28th May 2023
  3. Only applicable for BABU88 agents
  4. Commission will be credited to the agent’s wallet.
  5. All bonuses/rewards/commissions are non-transferable and irreplaceable.
  6. Participating agents must accept and comply with all the terms mentioned above and all relevant rules and regulations stated.
  7. Any agent affiliate who abuses the system by making multiple accounts may risk getting their account frozen. 
  8. BABU88 reserves the right to modify, cancel, suspend or terminate the campaign and/or change the terms of the said campaign at any time without prior notice.

General BABU88 Terms & Conditions apply.