Welcome to the IPL Weekly CashoOut Tournament, exclusively for our esteemed agents at BABU88! Get ready to experience thrilling weekly rewards of ₹1,000,000 as we celebrate the excitement of the IPL season.

Conditions for Promotions

  1. Each week, agents will compete for a share of an incredible 1 Million in cash prizes!
  2. There will be different categories each week for agents to participate in and be eligible for rewards
  3. Categories are:
    • Week 1, Week 5, & Week 9: Top 100 deposit
    • Week 2 & Week 6: Top 100 agents
    • Week 3 & Week 7: Top 100 FTDs
    • Week 4 & Week 8: Top 100 Active Players
  4. Payout: Gaming ID
  5. Payout Date: Will be announced on BABU88 Telegram Channel
  6. Turnover: 10x

Definition & Requirement

  • Top Deposit: Agents with the highest player’s total deposits
  • Top Agent: Agents with highest player’s total deposits & active player count
  • Top FTD: Agents with highest number of New registered player count with First Time Deposits (FTDs)
  • Top Active Players: Agents with highest active player count

BABU88 Agent Terms and Conditions

  1. Promotion Type: Applicable to all BABU88 Agents
  2. Player Registration: Players must register through the Agent’s unique referral link.
  3. Player Eligibility: Only unique and active players will be considered for any BABU88 Agent Campaigns & Promotions.
  4. Geographical Limitations: Each campaign & promotion is exclusive to the registered agent for their respective country.
  5. Exclusivity: This promotion cannot be combined with any other offer, promotion, or voucher.
  6. Non-Transferable Rewards: All bonuses, rewards, commissions, and vouchers are non-transferable and irreplaceable.
  7. Account Integrity: Agents found abusing the system by creating multiple accounts may risk having their account frozen, and bonuses/rewards/commissions void.
  8. Reservation of Rights: BABU88 reserves the right to modify, cancel, suspend, or terminate the campaign and/or change the terms of the said campaign at any time without prior notice

General BABU88 Terms & Conditions apply.